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A survey of the collections of the Archive

Inventories are made for the major part of the collections. They are available on the internet from links below. Most of them are in Danish and in case the collection contains only Danish material there is no plan of making an English inventory. The details of the inventories vary a lot. The collections have been sorted according to the following types:

Archives of individuals

Person Life period Material from Inventory? Number of boxes
Bohr, Harald 1887-1951 1887-1965 Yes 17
Fenchel, Werner 1905-1988 1908-1986 Yes 12
Fenchel, Käte 1905-1983 ~1925-1984 Danish 2
Hansen, Carl Christian 1876-1935 1890-1935 Danish 11
Heegaard, Poul 1871-1948 1917-1947 Danish 1
Hein, Piet 1905-1996 ~1930-65 Danish 1
Hjelmslev, Johannes 1873-1950 1911-1953 Danish 4
Jessen, Børge 1907-1993 1907-1993 Yes 69
Juel, Christian S. 1855-1935 1890-1931 Danish 1
Lundberg, Lars-Erik 1943-1992 ??-1992 No 3
Henrik Meyer 1917-2008 1937-1938 Danish 1
Nielsen, Jakob 1890-1959 ~1890-1959 Yes 79
Pál, Julius Franz 1881-1946 1909-1962 Danish 1
Steffensen, Johan F. 1873-1961 1888-1994 Danish 1
Tornehave, Hans 1915-1998 1939-1987 Danish 1

Societies and associations

Description of the collection Period with material Inventory? Number of boxes
The Danish Mathematical Society 1894-1990 Danish 48

The institute's publications

It is material made at the institute in connection with research or teaching as for example notes, preprints or student essays, which is not published as a real publication.

Description of the collection Period with material Inventory? Number of boxes
Preprints etc., Mathematics Institute 1969-1996 Danish 11
Preprints etc., Dept. of Mathematics 1997- Danish 2
Mathematics notes 1948- Danish 95
Notes for operations research 1993- Danish 3
Physics and astronomy notes ~1950-80 Danish 1
Theses and essays in mathematics 1878- Danish 35
Theses and essays in mathematics economy 1990- Danish --

Archival material from the administration of the institute and its departments

This kind of material has to be handed over to the Danish National Archives by the Danish law of archives. Hence, the Archive only keeps what the National Archives does not want while the rest is only kept temporarily (material is handed over every 20-30 years; next time in the summer of 1999).

It is important to know that the Institute for Mathematical Sciences was established 1 January 1997 by a fusion of the Mathematics Institute (established 1934) and the Institute for Mathematical Statistics (established 1962). The Institute for Mathematical Sciences consists of three departments: Department of Mathematics, Department of Theoretical Statistics, and Department of Operational Research. The archival material has been sorted according to this structure.

Description of the collection Period with material Inventory? Number of boxes
The Mathematics Institute 1910-1980 Danish (15)
The administration of the Department of Mathematics approx. 1985- Danish -

Miscellaneous archival material

Description of the collection Period with material Inventory? Number of boxes
Notes of lectures 1933-59 Danish 4
Reprint collection of the staff approx. 1900-70 Danish 210
Reprint collection of the archive 1890-1988 Danish 22
Reprints on almost periodic func. 1913-61 Danish 10
Pictures and medals approx. 1900-1990 Danish 5 etc.
Instruments and models approx. 1880-1980 Danish 7 etc.
Misc. unsorted ca. 1925-75 Danish 1

Miscellaneous material

This material is not real archival material, but it is material which is just located in the Archive (it may have connection to archival material, for example be copies of archival material etc). It means that the inventories made be changed when material is added or removed and because of that the homepages are in another color (orange).

Description of the collection Period with material Inventory? Number of boxes
The Archive's library approx. 1880-1990 Danish Bookcase
Series of journals 1912-1994 Danish 14
Stock of notes 1965- Danish 18
The Danish Math. Soc.'s reprints and books 1890-1990 Danish 46

Kurt Ramskov, 29 July 1999