Random Geometry Network


The network aims to establish and reinforce interaction between groups in the Nordic countries working on different aspects of random geometry.

The vigorous development in the field of random geometry in recent years has demonstrated a high potential for creating new directions in research at the interface between probability theory, geometry, graph theory, complex analysis and statistical and quantum physics.

Some of the nodes of this network have a well established record of collaboration and it is the primary goal of this project to extend this co-operation so as to fully exploit the expertise of the participating groups and create a lasting interaction between them.

The network emphasises the engagement of PhD students and post-docs in research in random geometry at the most advanced level. Exposing them to a diversified research environment of high standard will contribute to improving their future career development.

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The Random Geometry Network is an international network initiated 1 August 2010 based on a grant from the NordForsk organization.