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Copenhagen Curvature Flow Day - Winter 2020

Practical Information:


13:00-13:15: Arrival (tea/coffee) [Room 04.4.19]
13:15-14:15: Speaker: Carlo Mantegazza (U Napoli) [Room 04.4.20]
Title: Evolution by Curvature of Networks in the Plane
Abstract: I will present the state-of-the-art of the problem of the motion by curvature of a network of curves in the plane, discussing existence, uniqueness, singularity formation and asymptotic behavior of the flow.
14:15-15:15: Tea/coffee, cake/cookies [Room 04.4.19]
15:15-16:15: Speaker: Francisco Martín (U Granada) [Room 04.4.20]
Title: The Classification of Semigraphical Translators for Mean Curvature Flow
Abstract: We say that a surface is semigraphical if it is properly embedded, and, after removing a discrete collection of vertical lines, it is a graph. In this talk, we provide a nearly complete classification of semigraphical translators.

Organizer/contact: Niels Martin Moller (U Copenhagen) (We will go for dinner afterwards - ask Niels Martin for details.)