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Copenhagen Curvature Flow Day - Spring 2019

Practical Information:


13:00-13:15: Arrival (tea/coffee) [Room 04.4.19]
13:15-14:15: Speaker: Panagiota Daskalopoulos (Columbia, New York City) [Room 04.4.20]
Title: Uniqueness of Ancient solutions to Mean Curvature flow
Abstract: We will discuss recent work concerning the classification of ancient compact non collapsed solutions to Mean Curvature flow. This is joint work with N. Sesum and S. Angenent.
14:15-14:45: Tea/coffee/cake and cookies [Room 04.4.19]
14:45-15:45: Speaker: Felix Lubbe (U Copenhagen, Denmark) [Room 04.4.20]
Title: Mean Curvature Flow in Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes
Abstract: We consider the long-time behaviour of the mean curvature flow of spacelike hypersurfaces in the Lorentzian product manifold M×ℝ, where M is asymptotically flat. If the initial hypersurface F0M×ℝ is uniformly spacelike and asymptotic to M×{s} for some s∈ℝ at infinity, the mean curvature flow starting at F0 exists for all times and converges uniformly to M×{s} as t→∞.

Organizer/contact: Niels Martin Moller (U Copenhagen) (We will go for dinner afterwards - ask Niels Martin for details.)