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The plain vanilla option data on USD/EUR options from British Bankers' Asscociation. The organization of the data is explained in this file.
The barrier option data on USD/EUR options from Danske Bank. The organization etc. of the data is explained in this document (see in particular Table 5).

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På dansk

Rasmussen, Kourosh Marjani, Claus A. Madsen og Rolf Poulsen (2011), "Realkreditrådgivning. Et studie af danskernes valg af realkreditlån og konverteringspraksis", Boligøkonomisk Videncenter.

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Work in progress

"Analyzing the Swiss National Bank's euro exchange rate guarantee: A latent likelihood approach" (w/ Michael Hanke and Alex Weissensteiner).

"The Fundamental Theorem of Derivative Trading: Exposition, Extension, and Experiments" (w/ Simon Ellersgaard Nielsen and Martin Jönsson).

"Kelly Gone Bad" (w/ Christian Bøhlke and Mads Vestergaard Jensen).

"Volatility Is Lognormal But Not for the Reason You Think" (w/ Martin Jönsson).

"Carry that load: Risk-minimization in electricity markets" (Rune Ramsdal Ernstsen, Martin Jönsson and Anders Skajaa).

"Currency Pegs: Cases for Baskets" (w/ Michael Hanke and Alex Weissensteiner).