BioMedMath 2008: Stochastic Differential Equation Models with Applications to the Insulin-Glucose System and Neuronal Modelling

Middelfart, Denmark - August, 3th-16th, 2008.

How to get there

From Kastrup airport in Copenhagen to Middelfart Station, Denmark.

When leaving the restricted area of the baggage claim at the airport you will see a sign 30 m straight ahead where you can buy train tickets. You can buy either a return ticket or a one-way ticket to Middelfart Station. There are direct trains from the airport to Middelfart Station every hour at every #:40 minutes from 4:40 in the morning until 21:40 in the night. The train trip takes 2 hours and 17 minutes. The last train leaves from the airport at 0:11 arriving at Middelfart at 2:54 in the night. A one-way ticket costs 273 kr, a round trip the double.

From Middelfart Station to the conference site.

If you catch a train between 12:40 and 18:40 on Sunday August 3 from the airport there will be taxis waiting at Middelfart Station to bring you to the conference site if you notify us on your expected arrival beforehand, so we can organize the taxis. If you arrive outside these hours you must organize your transport yourself from the station to the conference site. It is 2,5 km from the station, so it is possible to walk. In case there are more people than room in the taxis, it would be very helpful if some are willing to walk, and their luggage can go with the taxi. You can find a map with the walking route from the station to the conference site marked in blue here. You can also find maps here. Dinner will be served on Sunday August 3 at 18:30.

Address of conference site:

Middelfart Kursuscenter

Oddevejen 8

5500 Middelfart

Phone: +45 64 41 06 01

Opening hours reception:

Monday - Friday: 08.00 - 18.00; Saturday: 08.00 - 19.00; Sunday: 09.00 - 17.00

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