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Name:Massimiliano Ungheretti
Office:HCØ 04.4.03
Address:Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

About Me

Since September 2013 I have been a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. During May and June 2015 I visited the Hausdorff Trimester Program: Homotopy theory, manifolds and field theories. I was in Berkeley visiting the MSRI January through April, 2014.
I am under the supervision of Nathalie Wahl and am interested in field theories, string topology, Hochschild- and cyclic homology and more generally in applications to mathematical physics. Currently I am developing operads and PROPs modelling algebraic structures of Hochschild complexes.
Before this, I did Part III in Cambridge and a double BSc in Mathematics and Physics at Utrecht University. For my master degree I wrote an essay named "Khovanov Stable Homotopy", supervised by Jacob Rasmussen. It was a discussion of results obtained by Lipshitz and Sarkar, explicitly constructing a stable homotopy type and Steenrod squares for knots and links.

A pair of pants.


"A dihedral version of the Jones isomorphism" 2015 September 24 - Jahrestagung der DMV, Hamburg
See slides
"A dihedral version of the Jones isomorphism" 2015 July 7 - Young Toplogists Meeting, EPFL, Switzerland
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"The profinite Grothendieck-Teichmuller group" 2015 April 10 - The MIT Talbot workshop 2015 - Little disk operad
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"Hochschild Homology" 2014 May 27 - Topological Cyclic Homology seminar
"Elementary cobordisms" 2013 September 13 - h-Cobordism seminar
"Conway's ZIP Proof" 2012 November 30 - Cambridge University - Part III Symposium 1
"Clustering Methods for the FoCal Detector" 2012 June 15 - Utrecht University - Prize for best presentation on the Physics Bachelors Symposium

Clustering example
Transitions in manifolds.


Geometry 2(TA) 2015-16 Block 2 - MSc level course in differential geometry
Geometry 2(TA) 2014-15 Block 2
Geometry 2(TA) 2013-14 Block 2
Linear Algebra (TA) 2011-12 Semester 1, Utrecht University
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