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Jakob Nielsen papers

General, short description of the collection

A short description:
This collection of Jakob Nielsen papers consists mainly of reprints, which Nielsen has received from other scientists and sorted by authors. In addition to the reprints there is other material from some of the persons, i.e. letters, manuscripts, applications for positions etc. All the material is from the period around 1890-1959 and the reprints are in many different languages. However, the additional material is mainly in Danish or German.

The collection is contained in 79 archival boxes of which the first 25 are standard boxes while the rest are Nielsen's original boxes.

Handed over:
The collection was located in the basement of the mathematical library in the E block of the H. C. Ørsted Institute in the fall of 1996. It is not known when and how it was put here. Photocopies of material from the Staatsarchiv Hamburg was added to box 10 in July 1999.


The copyright for the material written by Nielsen belongs to the descendants of Jakob Nielsen. Usually the copyrights of letters belongs to the letter writer and his/her descendants. The copyright of the photocopies from the Staatsarchiv Hamburg in box 10 has to be checked with the Staatsarchiv Hamburg (364-1 Fakultäten/Fachber. der Universität, Mat-Nat 198), where the originals are located.

This inventory was made by Sigurd Elkjær and Kurt Ramskov, July 1998, and translated into English by Ramskov in October 1998. Updated July 1999.

Further information on archival material etc.:
Theseus homepage of Jakob Nielsen.

A short biography of Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen (1890-1959) was born on the peninsula Als (then ruled by the Germans) and he studied in Kiel, where he has good contact with Max Dehn. He submitted his doctoral dissertation in Kiel in 1913. During World War I he was drafted by the Germans. Following studies in Göttingen and Hamburg in 1919 he got a professorship in Breslau in 1920. After the reunion of Southern Jutland with Denmark in 1920 he returned to Denmark, where he became lektor at the Royal Veterinary School in 1921. In 1925 he succeeded C. S. Juel as professor of rational mechanics at the Polytechnics. Nielsen was one of the most significant mathematicians in Denmark then. He worked in topology and group theory. He kept the position at the Polytechnics until 1951, where he succeeded the deceased Harald Bohr as professor at the University. However, Nielsen already retired in 1956. He was involved in international work in the United Nations organization UNESCO after World War II.

A survey of the content

Nielsen himself had sorted his papers in three series and in each series he had more or less sorted the material alphabetical according to authors. Nielsen's original division is almost kept with only minor modifications. Remark that the alphabetical ordering is not complete everywhere. So if you are looking for material from a person the best strategy is to make a search on the person's name. Below is an alphabetical list of persons from whom there is other material than reprints. Remark that:
  1. During the registration of the first series on each folder the names of the persons from whom there is material in the folder have been written on the folder. Nielsen himself had written these names on labels on the back, but they have often disappeared. Furthermore, in brackets are added how many reprints there is from each person (some of them perhaps written jointly with others).
  2. Some of the reprints have more than one author, but the additional authors are not included in this inventory.
  3. In a few cases a reprint is not included under the author, but under the person which is its subject (it is the case for some of the obituaries).
  4. Most of the reprints are mathematical, but there is also reprints in physics, astronomy, engineering science (especially telephone engineering), medicine etc.
  5. In many cases it is written if the reprint is a doctoral dissertation, but it is not always the case.

People from whom there is more than reprints

Paul Alexandroff, Niels Arley, Reinhold Baer, Thøger Bang, Harald Bohr, Niels Bohr, Vibeke Borchsenius, Heinrich Brandenberger, Kai Rander Buch, Svend Bundgaard, Oddvar Bjørgum, L. E. J. Brouwer, H. S. M. Coxeter, D. van Dantzig Max Dehn, Samuel Eilenberg, Edwin Feyer, Erling Følner, Fr. Fabricius-Bjerre, David Fog, Ragnar Frisch, L. J. Gårding, Guido Hoheisel, Poul Heegaard, Johannes Hjelmslev, Heinz Hopf, Harold Hotelling, Børge Jessen, Ingebrigt Johansson, C. Juel, Gaston Julia, B. de Kérekjártó, Hellmuth Kneser, Folke Lannér, Salomon Lefschetz, Hilde Levi, Inge Lyse, Szolem Mandelbrojt, W. Mangler, G. A. Miller, J. W. Milnor, Johannes Mollerup, Otto Neugebauer, Rolf Nevanlinna, Almar Næss, Alexander Ostrowski, Julius Pál, P. O. Pedersen, William Prager, O. Pylarinos, R. E. H. Rasmussen, Karl Reinhardt, P. C. Rosenbloom, Edgar B. Schieldrop, Werner Schmeidler, Scott-Iversen patents, J. de Séguier, Th. Skolem, H. Solberg, Andreas Speiser, Steinitz, S. E. Stenij, Olga Taussky, John Todd, Hans Tornehave, Egon Ullrich, A. Walther, Josef Weier, John A. Wheeler, A. Wiman.

The content of each of the boxes


Box 1
Folder: Alexander (17)
Folder: Bang (2), Besicovitch (3), N. Bohr (7), Buch (3), Bundgaard (1)
Folder: Baule (3), Baumann (5), Bergström (2), Brödel (3), Bureau (4)

Box 2
Folder: Backlund (7), Birkeland (3), Bjørgum (7), Buchwaldt (3)
Folder: Behnke (25)

Box 3
Folder: Berker (6), Bieberbach (7), Brouwer (16)
Folder: Garrett Birkhoff (1), George Birkhoff (5), Brun (28)
Folder: Courant (13)

Box 4
Folder: Comessatti (11)
Folder: Dehn (20)

Box 5
Folder: Eilenberg (51)
Folder: Følner (15)

Box 6
Folder: Favard (24)
Folder: Feigl (9), Feller (24)

Box 7
Folder: Fabricius-Bjerre (16), Fog (12)
Folder: Haar (4), Hirsch (18), Hölder (5), Hössjer (5)

Box 8
Folder: Freudenthal (63)

Box 9
Folder: Heins (13), Hoheisel (3), Hopf (6), Hu (10)
Folder: Heegaard (25)

Box 10
Folder: Hardy (8), Hecke (22)
Folder: Hamburger (7), Hille (11), Hurewicz (8)

Box 11
Folder: Jacobsthal (24), Johansson (15)
Folder: Kerékjártó (35)

Box 12
Folder: Kaufmann (6), Kurosh (13)
Folder: Lebesgue (13), Löbell (1)
Folder: Fr. Levi (8), F. W. Levi (1), P. Lévy (1), Lewy (8), Loewy (1)

Box 13
Folder: Lindelöf (8)
Folder: Magnus (14), Moufang (7)
Folder: Mercier (7), Malmquist (6), Markovic (7), Motzkin (6)

Box 14
Folder: Mahler (22), Menger (13)
Folder: Mollerup (23)

Box 15
Folder: Morse (23)
Folder: Neugebauer (43)

Box 16
Folder: Neuendorff (6), Niemytzki (7)
Folder: B. H. Neumann (43), H. Neumann (9)

Box 17
Folder: P. O. Pedersen (7), R. Petersen (7>
Folder: Petersson (25), Pólya (14)

Box 18
Folder: Pihl (8)
Folder: Radó (17), Radon (7)
Folder: Rademacher (9), Reinhardt (7)

Box 19
Folder: Schlesinger (11), Schmeidler (12)
Folder: Schieldrop (3)
Folder: Schouten (18)

Box 20
Folder: Scherrer (8), Schreier (6), Sperner (4)
Folder: Siegel (38)

Box 21
Folder: Séguier (10)
Folder: Skolem (6), Speiser (7), Süss (7)
Folder: Stensig (8), Stoïlow (10)

Box 22
Folder: Stenij (10)
Folder: Tietze (25), Thomsen (9)

Box 23
Folder: Taussky (25), Todd (13), Taussky & Todd (7)
Folder: Tambs Lyche (11)
Folder: van der Waerden (24), Vietoris (17)

Box 24
Folder: Walther (44)
Folder: Whitehead (15), Wiman (9)

Box 25
Folder: Baumslag (2), Bourgin (4), Coxeter (4), Julie M. V. Hansen (6), Maak (6), Shepperd (5), Thoma (1)


Box 26
Ahlfors, Lars: 1 reprint.
Albada, P. J. van: 1 reprint.
Ambrosen, J.: 1 reprint.
Andersen, A. F.: 8 reprints.
Andersen, Erik Sparre: 1 reprint.
Andreasen, A. H. M.: 1 reprint.
Anzelius, Adolf: 1 reprint.
Arley, Niels: 18 reprints, his application for a professorship in geophyscis at the University of Copenhagen 1952, his application for a professorship in mathematics at the University of Aarhus 1954 containing a list of publications, 3 typed carbon copies of letters from Nielsen to Arley 1945-46, 2 typed letters from Arley to Nielsen 1945-46, and 1 handwritten letter from Nielsen to Engelund 1946.
Artin, Emil: 21 reprints.
Arvesen, Ole Peder: 2 reprints.

Box 27
Bachmann, Friedrich: 2 reprints.
Bang, A. S.: 1 reprint.
Bankwitz, Carl: 2 reprints.
Barricelli, Nils Aall: 2 reprints.
Behari, Ram: 1 reprint.
Beles, A.: 1 reprint.
Bennhold, Friedrich: 1 reprint.
Bergman, Gösta: 1 reprint.
Bergmann, S.: 1 reprint.
Bernays, Paul: 1 reprint.
Bernstein, Felix: 2 reprints.
Bertelsen, N. P.: 1 reprint.
Bethe, H. A.: 1 reprint.
Bickel, Friedrich: 1 reprint.
Bilinski, Stanko: 5 reprints.
Billing, G.: 4 reprints.
Biot, M. A.: 1 reprint.
Bishop, George T.: 1 reprint.
Bjerge, T.: 2 reprints.
Bjerrum, Niels: 1 reprint.
Blumenthal, O.: 4 reprints.
Bochner, S. Ch.: 1 reprint.
Boehte, Karl: 1 reprint.
Bohun-Chudyniv, V.: 1 reprint.
Bol, G.: 4 reprints.
Bonder, J.: 1 reprint.
Borchsenius, V.: Summary of a talk.
Bottema, O.: 1 reprint.
Bouny, François: 3 reprints.
Boutroux, Pierre: 1 reprint.
Braae, R.: 2 reprints.
Brahe, Tyge: 2 reprints of memorial speeches given by J. A Fridericia and C. F. Pechüle.
Brandenberger, Heinrich: 2 reprints and manuscript for a talk at a congress in 1952.
Brauer, Richard: 1 reprint.
Braun, Hel: 4 reprints.
Bray, Kennet N. C.: 1 reprint.
Bruins, E. M.: 1 reprint.
Bullig, G.: 3 reprints.
Burau, Werner: 1 reprint.
Burrau, Carl: 1 reprint.
Burckhardt, J. J.: 2 reprints.

Box 28
Carathéodory, C.: 2 reprints about Carathéodory by Heinz Hopf.
Carleman, Torsten: 3 reprints.
Carrier, G. F.: 13 reprints.
Casimir, H. B. G.: 1 reprint.
Cauer, W.: 5 reprints.
Chehata, C. G.: 3 reprints.
Cech, Eduard: 3 reprints.
Christensen, I. Hainau: 1 reprint.
Christensen, S. A.: 1 reprint.
Church, Alonzo: 1 reprint.
Cohn, Emil: 1 reprint.
Cohn, P. M.: 2 reprints.
Cohn-Vossen, Stefan: 8 reprints.
Collatz, L.: 7 reprints.
Coxeter, H. S. M.: 2 reprints, a typed 20 pages manuscript titled The collineation gropus of the finite affine and projective planes with four lines through each point by Coxeter included by a letter from W. L. Edge to Nielsen from 1955, 1 typed letter from Coxeter to Nielsen from 1955 in English.
Craemer, Hermann: 3 reprints.
Crelle: 1 reprint about Crelle's journal.
Crone, C.: 7 reprints.

Box 29
Danielsson, Olafur: 1 reprint.
Dantzig, D. van: 10 reprints and 1 handwritten letter in German from Dantzig to Nielsen from 1930.
Darboux, Gaston: 1 reprint.
Dibbert, H.: 1 reprint.
Douglas, Jesse: 2 reprints.
Dowker, C. H.: 1 reprint.
Draminsky, Per: 1 reprint.
Drucker, D. C.: 1 reprint.
Drumaux, M. P.: 1 reprint.

Box 30
Eckmann, Benno: 14 reprints.
Efsen, Axel: 2 reprints.
Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler: 1 reprint.
Ekman, V. Walfrid: 13 reprints.
Elfving, Gustav: 2 reprints.
Engel, Friedrich: 4 reprints.
Engelhardt, Heinrich: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Engelund, Frank: 2 reprints.
Erlang, A. K.: 2 reprints.
Est, W. T. van: 5 reprints.
Ette, C. R.: 1 reprint.
Ewald, Günther: 1 reprint.

Box 31
Falckenberg, Hans: 1 reprint.
Fáry, István: 3 reprints.
Faxén, O. H.: 5 reprints.
Fejér, Leopold: 3 reprints.
Feyer, Edwin: Handwritten notes by Nielsen of the lecture Vortrag über Knotengruppen und deren Gruppenbilder presented to the mathematical colloquium 9 July 1921. 4 pp.
Fichera, Gaetano: 1 reprint.
Fiala, Félix: 1 reprint of his thèse.
Fischer, F.: 1 reprint.
Fischer, Otto F.: 2 reprints.
Fitting, Hans: 6 reprints.
Fjellstedt, Lars: 2 reprints.
Flanders, Donald A.: 1 reprint.
Forchheimer, Philipp: 1 reprint.
Fox, R. H.: 2 reprints, Nielsen's review in Mathematical Reviews of one of the articles is included.
Franz, Wolfgang: 3 reprints.
Fraenkel, Adolf.: 3 reprints.
Franck, Paul: 1 reprint.
Franke, Walter: 1 reprint.
Frankl, Felix: 2 reprints.
Freeman, John C.: 2 reprints.
Freund, Margarete: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Friedrichs, Kurt: 2 reprints.
Frommer, Max: 2 reprints.
Frostman, Otto: 5 reprints.
Fröglicher, Alfred: 1 reprint.
Frössling, Niels: 1 reprint.
Fuglede, Bent: 4 reprints.
Furch, Robert: 5 reprints.
Fuss, Herbert: 1 reprint.

Box 32
Ganelius, Tord: 1 reprint.
Gassmann, Fritz: 1 reprint.
Givens, Wallace: 1 reprint.
Goeritz, Lebrecht: 3 reprints.
Gold, Louis: 1 reprint.
Gram, Christian: 1 reprint.
Gram, J. P.: 1 reprint.
Gravé, D.: 1 reprint.
Greenberg, J.: 3 reprints.
Grossmann, K. H.: 2 reprints.
Grosswald, Emil: 3 reprints.
Gruber, F.: 4 reprints.
Gruder, Osias: 1 reprint.
Grötzsch, Herbert: 14 reprints.
Gustafson, Torsten: 3 reprints.
Gysin, Werner: 1 reprint.
Gårding, L. J.: Typed half page titled Hyperbolska differentialekvationer.

Box 33
Hainau Christensen, I.: 1 reprint.
Haller, Hans: 1 reprint.
Hanck, Herbert: 1 reprint.
Handest, Frans: 1 reprint.
Hannemann, I. G.: 1 reprint.
Hanner, Olof: 3 reprints.
Hansen, H. H.: 2 reprints.
Hantzsche, W.: 3 reprints.
Hartman, Philip: 4 reprints.
Hatzidakis, Nikolaus: 1 reprint.
Heesch, H.: 1 reprint.
Heemert, A. van: 1 reprint.
Heffter, Lothar: 1 reprint.
Heisenberg, W.: 1 reprint.
Hellinger, Ernst: 1 reprint.
Hemer, Ove: 2 reprints.
Hemmingsen, E.: 1 reprint.
Hersch, Joseph: 12 reprints.
Hessaby, M.: 2 reprints.
Hevesy, G.: 1 reprint.
Heywood, Bryon: 1 reprint.
Higman, Graham: 7 reprints.
Hilb, Emil: 1 reprint.
Hilbert, David: 3 reprints.
Hoff, Ove: 2 reprints.
Holm, A. R.: 1 reprint.
Holmberg, Erik: 1 reprint.
Holmgren, E.: 4 reprints.
Holst, Helge: 2 reprints.
Hopf, Ludwig: 1 reprint.
Horstmann, Helmut: 1 reprint.
Hovgaard, William: 1 reprint.
Howe, Günter: 1 reprint.
Huckemann, Friedrich: 1 reprint.
Hulthén, Lamek: 1 reprint.
Häggmark, Per: 1 reprint.
Hösel, Erich: 1 reprint.

Box 34
Anonymous, handwritten manuscript in 4 pages titled Zusammenhang der FundamentalGruppen einer Kurzhaubenfläche und ihrer 2-blätterigen 2-seitigen Überlagungsfläche.
Ignatowsky, W. v.: 1 reprint.
Ingeborg Nielsen: 1 reprint.
Iversen, Felix: 6 reprints.
Ives, Herbert E.: 4 reprints.
Jacob, Moses: 3 reprints.
Jankovic, Zlatko: 2 reprints.
Jensen, Arne: 1 reprint.
Jensen, Martin: 1 reprint.
Johannsen, Fr.: 1 reprint.
Johansson, Ingebrigt: 1 reprint.
Jónsson, Bjarni: 1 reprint.
Julia, Gaston: Typed obituary of Torsten Carleman in 3 pages and 1 reprint.
Järnefelt, Gustaf: 2 reprints.
Jørgensen, J.: 5 reprints.

Box 35
Landau, Edmund: 4 reprints.
Lange-Nielsen, Fr.: 2 reprints.
Lannér, Folke: Typed manuscript titled Regulära Nät in two versions (15 respectively 19 pp.) and 1 reprint.
Larsen, Otto: 1 reprint.
Lassen, N. O.: 2 reprints.
Lauritzen, Svend: 1 reprint.
Lehto, Olli: 2 reprints.
Leray, Jean: 8 reprints.
Levi, Hilde: Typed stencil manuscript in Danish in 5 pages titled Beretning om C-14 dateringslaboratoriets arbejde i 1952 and 1 reprints.
Levi-Civita, Tullio: 4 reprints.
Lichtenstein, Leon: 1 reprint.
Lind, Carl-Erik: 1 reprint.
Lindblad, Berto: 1 reprint.
Lindeberg, J. W.: 4 reprints.
Lochs, Gustav: 2 reprints.
Lottrup Knudsen, H.: 5 reprints.
Lublin, Mogens: 1 reprint.
Lukács, Eugen: 1 reprint.
Ludwig, Konrad: 5 reprints.
Lundmark, Knut: 1 reprint.
Lundquist, O.: 1 reprint.
Luplau Janssen, C.: 1 reprint.
Lusin, N.: 1 reprint.
Lusternik, L.: 1 reprint.
Lyche, R. Tambs: 1 reprint.
Lüneburg, R.: 1 reprint.
Lyse, Inge: Handwritten note about Inge Lyse from 1936.
MacLane, Saunders: 1 reprint of a review.

Box 36
Maak, Wilhelm: 2 reprints.
Maier, Wilhelm: 3 reprints.
Mandelbrojt, Szolem: 6 reprints, a newspaper article on Mandelbrojt is included in one of them.
Mangler, W.: 1 reprint and Nielsen's handwritten summary in German on one page.
Marchaud, André: 3 reprints.
Marczewski, E.: 6 reprints.
Marke, Poul W.: 2 reprints.
Markoff, Andreas: 1 reprint.
Marstrand, Jørgen: 1 reprint.
Mattson, Ruben: 1 reprint.
Maximon, L. C.: 2 reprints.
Meidel, Birger: 1 reprint.
Merz, K.: 1 reprint.
Meyer, Henrik: 1 reprint.
Miller, G. A.: 5 reprints and a handwritten page with mathematical comments to one of Miller's works from 1931.
Milnor, J. W.: 1 reprint and Nielsen's typed summary to Mathematical Reviews 1950 in English.
Mittag-Leffler, G.: 1 reprint.
Montel, Paul: 3 reprints.
Morgan, George W.: 9 reprints.
Morgantini, Edmondo: 1 reprint.
Mortet, Victor: 2 reprints.
Moser, W. O. J.: 2 reprints.
Munch-Petersen, J.: 1 reprint.
Møller, Jens P.: 4 reprints.

Box 37
Neder, Ludwig: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Neményi, Paul: 2 reprints.
Neumann, John von: 1 reprint.
Newell, G. F.: 2 reprints.
Nielsen, Axel V.: 3 reprints.
Noack, Albert: 1 reprint.
Noether, Emmy: 1 reprint.
Noether, F.: 2 reprints.
Norgil, Regnar: 1 reprint.
Nowacki, Werner: 1 reprint.
Nybølle, H. C.: 1 reprint.
Nyström, E. J.: 2 reprints.
Næss, Almar: Carbon copy of Næss's application to a professorship in applied mathematics in 1928 containing a list of publications. Included is Nielsen's comments to his works and Næss as a person on 2 handwritten pages in Danish. 1 reprint.
Nöbeling, Georg: 10 reprints.
Nøkkentved, Chr.: 7 reprints.

Box 38
Olsson, R. Gran: 6 reprints.
Oseen, C. W.: 1 reprint.
Paatero, V.: 1 reprint.
Pannwitz, Erika: 1 reprint.
Papakyraiakopoulos: 6 reprints.
Pauli, W.: 1 reprint.
Pedersen, Ellen: 1 reprint.
Pedersen, Flemming P.: 2 reprints.
Persson, Bengt: 1 reprint.
Petkantschin, Bojan: 1 reprint.
Pfluger, Albert: 1 reprint.
Picone, Mauro: 11 reprints.
Piene, Kay: 1 reprint.
Pihl, H. J.: 1 reprint.
Pimiä, Lauri: 6 reprints.
Pleijel, H.: 1 reprint.
Pleijel, Åke: 2 reprints.
Possel, René de: 4 reprints, one of which is his doctoral dissertation.
Prüss, August: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Pylarinos, O.: 1 reprint, one typed manuscript titled Über das Dreikörperproblem on 11 pages plus an additional page with handwritten comments by Nielsen and 1 handwritten letter in German from Pylarinos to Nielsen from 1941.

Box 39
Quensel, Carl-Erik: 2 reprints.
Raff, Hermann: 1 reprint.
Rasmussen, B. Højlund: 1 reprint.
Rasmussen, R. E. H.: 2 reprints, a letter is added to one of the reprints.
Ravn, O. E.: 1 reprint.
Reinhardt, Karl: 2 reprints.
Rellich, F.: 3 reprints.
Remak, Robert: 3 reprints.
Rigge, Olov: 1 reprint.
Rinow, Willi: 2 reprints.
Rogosinski, W. W.: 2 reprints.
Rohde, Hildegard: 1 reprint.
Rohr, Alwin von: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Rohrberg, A.: 1 reprint.
Rosenbloom, P. C.: Typed page titled Konvexa månghörningar i banachrymder och deres tolämpningar på extremalproblem in Swedish.
Rotherberger, Fritz: 1 reprint.
Rózanska, Julia: 1 reprint.
Rybner, Jørgen: 5 reprints.
Ryd, V. H.: 1 reprint.
Rådström, Hans: 1 reprint.

Box 40
Saarnio, Uuno: 1 reprint.
Samelson, Hans: 2 reprints.
Santaló, L. A.: 2 reprints.
Sauter, Ilse: 1 reprint.
Scott-Iversen Patents: 2 documents about patents.
Seemann, H.: 1 reprint.
Segre, Beniamino: 10 reprints.
Shepperd, J. A. H.: 1 reprint.
Signorini, A.: 1 reprint.
Simonsen, W.: 5 reprints.
Sinogowitz, Ulrich: 1 reprint.
Skovgaard, Helge: 1 reprint.
SMIL: 1 reprint in Swedish by Fröberg and Wahlström titled SMIL: Siffermaskinen i Lund.
Solberg, H.: Carbon copy of his typed application of a professorship in applied mathematics 1928 containing a list of publications.
Sparenberg, J. A.: 2 reprints.
Specht, Wilhelm: 2 reprints.
Spilhaus, Athelstan: 1 reprint.
Späth, Hans: 5 reprints.
Steinbach, Paul: 1 reprint.
Steinitz: Handwritten notes in German titled Höhere Mathematik III. (Wintersemester 1920). 48 pp.
Sternberg, Wolfgang: 2 reprints.
Stolt, Bengt: 4 reprints.
Struik, Ruth Rebekka: 1 reprint.
Stühler, Eugen: 1 reprint.
Stähelin, Helene: 1 reprint.
Stöcker, Carl: 1 reprint.
Stöhr, Alfred: 1 reprint.
Størmer, Carl: 3 reprints.
Stydler, J.-P.: 1 reprint.
Szász, Otto: 1 reprint.

Box 41
Schauder, J.: 4 reprints.
Scherk, P.: 5 reprints.
Schernus, Wilhelm: 1 reprint.
Schilt, Heinz: 1 reprint.
Schmidt, Friedrich Karl: 2 reprints.
Schmidt, Olaf H.: 5 reprints.
Schmidt, Robert: 2 reprints.
Schmidt, Theodor: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Schoenflies, A.: 2 reprints.
Scholz, Arnold: 2 reprints.
Schroeckh, Charlotte: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Schur, Axel: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Schur, Friedrich: 1 reprint.
Schur, I.: 2 reprints.
Schwerdtfeger, Hans: 1 reprint.

Box 42
Terheggen, Hans: 1 reprint.
Tewes, Wilhelm: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Thomas, Joseph Miller: 1 reprint.
Thomas, Tracy Yerkes: 1 reprint.
Thullen, Peter: 3 reprints.
Thüring, Rudolf: 2 reprints, one of which is his doctoral dissertation.
Toeplitz, O.: 3 reprints.
Tornehave, Hans: His applications on professorships at Danmarks Tekniske Højskole 1951 and the University of Copenhagen 1955 including a list of publications on one pages. Everything is typed and in Danish. Furthermore 3 reprints.
Torsting, Einer: 1 reprint.
Tranekjær Rasmussen, E.: 1 reprint.
Tschebotaröw, N.: 4 reprints.
Tucker, A. W.: 7 reprints.
Tumarkin, L.: 3 reprints.
Turán, Paul: 1 reprint.
Tvermoes, H.: 1 reprint.

Box 43
Uhler, Arvid: 2 reprints.
Ullrich, Egon: 7 reprints and a few handwritten notes.
Ulm, Helmut: 1 reprint.
Urysohn, Paul: 3 reprints.
Utz, W. R.: 4 reprints.

Box 44
Vahl, Martin: 1 reprint.
Le-Van, Thiem: 2 reprints.
Varga, O.: 3 reprints.
Veithen, C.: 1 reprint.
Wagner, D. H.: 1 reprint.
Wagner, Helmut: 1 reprint.
Wagner, Walter: 1 reprint.
Walberer, Paul: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Walker, Robert J.: 1 reprint.
Walsh, J. L.: 1 reprint.
Weber, Werner: 2 reprints, one of which is his doctoral dissertation.
Wecken, Franz: 1 reprint.
Wedell-Wedellsborg, Ch.: 1 reprint.
Weibull, W.: 1 reprint.
Weil, André: 6 reprints, one of which is his thèse.
Weinstein, A.: 6 reprints, one of which is his doctoral dissertation.
Welke, Helmut: 1 reprint of his doctoral dissertation.
Wendt, H.: 1 reprint.
Weyl, Gertrud: 2 reprints.
Westergaard, H. M.: 3 reprints.
Wheeler, John A.: 4 pages typed manuscript titled Representation of the Free Group and a letter in English from Wheeler to Nielsen 1949.
Wiegold, James: 2 reprints.
Wielandt, Helmut: 1 reprint.
Wilbrandt, Günther: 1 reprint.
Winternitz, Artur: 6 reprints.
Winther, Chr.: 2 reprints.
Wittich, H.: 1 reprint.
Wünsche, A.: 1 reprint.
Youngs, J. W. T.: 2 reprints.
Zech, Theodor: 1 reprint.
Zeilon, Nils: 1 reprint.
Zuckerman, Herbert S.: 2 reprints.


Box 45
Alexandroff, Paul: 3 typed letters in German from Alexandroff to Nielsen 1927-29, 30 reprints and a newspaper article in German about Prontrjaginfrom Deutsche Zeitung 27 January 1939.

Box 46
Baer, Reinhold: 12 handwritten letters in German from Baer to Nielsen 1924-28 and 45 reprints.

Box 47
Blaschke, Wilhelm: 68 reprints.

Box 48
Bohr, Harald: 54 reprints and a collection of press clippings:
  • Mindeord om Prof. C. Juel [Memorial words about Professor C. Juel], written by (without date or newspaper title).
  • "Ny Matematik" i Tyskland ["New Mathematics" in Germany], Berlingske Aften, 1 May 1934. Written by Harald Bohr.
  • Matematikens ideale Elementer [The ideal elements of mathematics], Kronikken, Politiken, 7 February 1930. An excerpt of the talk by Harald Bohr with the same title.
  • Professor T. Bonnesen død i Gaar [Professor T. Bonnesen died yesterday], written by Harald Bohr (without date or newspaper title).

Box 49
Bohr, Harald: 35 reprints, and:
  • Typed half page by Harald Bohr with the title Om en Dirichletsk Rækkes konvekse -Funktion [On the convex -Function of a Dirichlet series]. Not dated.
  • "Prof. Harald Bohr afgaaet ved Døden" [Professor Harald Bohr has passed away], newspaper obituary without date or newspaper title.
  • The typed manuscript on 2 pages of Nielsen's lecture in the radio about Harald Bohr 22 January 1951.
  • Two handwritten letters from Ulla Bohr to Nielsen from respectively 22 and 31 January 1951.
  • The invitation to the memorial meeting for Harald Bohr 6 April 1951.
  • The typed manuscript (with handwritten corrections) on 4 pages to Nielsen's memorial words about Harald Bohr 6 April 1951.
  • "Harald Bohr som matematiker og som menneske", newspaper obituary by Børge Jessen without date and newspaper title.
  • The handwritten manuscript on 7 pages for Nielsen's lecture about Harald Bohr in the radio 22 April 1947.
  • Proof copy of Jessen's obituary of Harald Bohr in Matematisk Tidsskrift including handwritten corrections.
  • Proof copy of Nørlund's obituary in the Academy of Sciences.
  • Handwritten notes about Harald Bohr's life and career.
  • Typed manuscript on 7 pages titled Harald Bohr 22. april 1887 - 22. januar 1951 written by Nielsen.

Box 50
Bonnesen, T.: 17 reprints.
Busemann, Herbert: 21 reprints.
Carathéodory, C.: 31 reprints.

Box 51
Hasse, Helmut: 32 reprints.
Hansen, Carl: 6 reprints.
Hartmann, Julius: 16 reprints.

Box 52
Haupt, Otto: 66 reprints.

Box 53
Frisch, Ragnar: 17 reprints, and the following:
  • Typed manuscript in Norwegian on 16 pages titled Subsidielikningssystemet, dated 9 December 1948, Universitetets Socialøkonomiske Institutt, Oslo.
  • Typed manuscript in Norwegian on 2 pages titled Jernrammen written by Frisch as a part of an article in the newspaper Morgenbladet 17 February 1949 (in a reprints).
  • Typed letter from Frisch to Nielsen from 18 February 1949 included with the reprints "Prisutviklingen".
Hotelling, Harold: 30 reprints and a pencil drawing of a mathematical problem with the text "Til Hotelling".

Box 54
Hjelmslev, Johannes: 39 reprints, and the following material:
  • Two newspaper obituaries of Hjelmslev written respectively by Harald Bohr and David Fog.
  • Newspaper article by Hjelmslev Professor N. E. Nørlund fylder 50 Aar [Professor N. E. Nørlund's 50th anniversary].
  • Three handwritten letters from Hjelmslev to Nielsen from 1931, 1932 and 1945.
  • Typed manuscript on 12 pages about Hjelmslev without title and author.
  • 15 handwritten pages with comments to Hjelmslev's works. Without title, author or date.
  • A 4 pages typed list of Hjelmslev's works and a letter from Nielsen to the son Louis Hjelmslev, and his answer from 1950 concerning the memorial address and obituary at the Academy of Sciences.
  • 2 typed pages about Hjelmslev written by Heegaard, and furthermore 1 page and 4 typed pages with Hjelmslev's scientific production. A letter from Lilly Hjelmslev to Nielsen from 1950.
  • Typed manuscript on 17 pages for Nielsen's memorial address and obituary at the Academy of Sciences:Johannes Hjelmslev 7. april 1873 - 16. februar 1950. Furthermore the second proof of the article from May 1950.

Box 55
Hopf, Heinz: 45 reprints, and one of these titled Über Mindestzahlen von Fixpunkten has fixed drafts of two letters from Nielsen to Hopf from 1926. Furthermore, there is 2 handwritten and 3 typed letters in German from Hopf to Nielsen from 1926-30 and 1940.

Box 56
Hylleraas, Egil A.: 26 reprints.

Box 57
Jessen, Børge: 41 reprints, and:
  • A copy of Forelæsninger over det Hilbertske Rum [Lectures on the Hilbertian Space], Foraar 1935 by B. Jessen. Handwritten lecture notes on 30 pages.
  • Jessen's application for the professorship at the Polytechnics in Copenhagen in 1935 including a list of publications.
  • A newspaper article titled "Professor Hjelmslevs Efterfølger udnævnt" [Professor Hjelmslev's successor appointed]. Without date or title of the newspaper.
  • A newspager article titled: "Matematik og Millioner" [Mathematics and Millions], Berlingske Tidende 3 July 1955 about Jessen as the new head of the Carlsberg Foundation.
  • 4 handwritten pages of notes of Jessen's works. Undated.

Box 58
Jensen, J. L. W. V.: 16 reprints.
Juel, C.: 22 reprints and typed list of Juel's works.
Jørgensen, N. R.: 1 reprint.

Box 59
Klein-Barmen, Fritz: 12 reprints.
Kneser, Hellmuth: 64 reprints and 13 handwritten letters in German from Kneser to Nielsen from 1920-29.

Box 60
Kampen, Egbertus R. van: 26 reprints.
Koschmieder, Lothar: 39 reprints.

Box 61
Koebe, Paul: 10 reprints.
Lefschetz, Salomon: 25 reprints and a 2 pages typed manuscript by Lefschetz titled Locally Connected Sets and their Applications.

Box 62
Myrberg, Pekka J.: 65 reprints.

Box 63
Myrberg, Lauri: 9 reprints
Nevanlinna, Frithiof: 8 reprints.
Nevanlinna, Rolf: 15 reprints and a German newspaper article about R. Nevanlinna.
Nevanlinna, Frithiof and Rolf: 2 reprints.

Box 64
Nagell, Trygve: 53 reprints.

Box 65
Nielsen, Niels: 20 reprints.

Box 66
Nørlund, N. E.: 37 reprints.

Box 67
Ore, Øystein: 48 reprints.

Box 68
Ostrowski, Alexander: 69 reprints and 13 handwritten letters in German from Ostrowski to Nielsen from the period 1919-24.

Box 69
Ostrowski, Alexander: 77 reprints and a printed note of change of address fromOstrowski.

Box 70
Pál, Julius: 5 reprints and 2 handwritten pages about Pál's works.
Perron, Oskar: 32 reprints.
Pipping, Nils: 5 reprints.
Pontrjagin, L.: 8 reprints.
Porchhammer, Leo: 15 reprints.
Pringsheim, Alfred: 2 reprints.

Box 71
Prager and his students I:
Azpeitia, Alfons Gill & Newell, Gordon Frank: 2 reprints.
Bodner, Sol R.: 2 reprints.
Boyce, William E.: 3 reprints.
Drucker, D. C.: 4 reprints.
Freiberger, Walter F.: 2 reprints.
Germain, Paul: 1 reprint.
Green, A. E.: 7 reprints.
Haythornthwaite, R. M.: 2 reprints.
Heyman, Jacques: 2 reprints.
Hsieh, D. Y.: 1 reprint.
Kestin, Joseph: 1 reprint.
Koiter, W. T.: 2 reprints.
Kolsky, H.: 1 reprint.
Konrhauser, E. T.: 1 reprint.
Lee, E. H.: 2 reprints.
Maximon, L. C.: 1 reprint.
Morgan, G. W.: 1 reprint.
Morrison, J. A.: 1 reprint.
Mylonas, C.: 2 reprints.
Newell, Gordon F.: 4 reprints.
Onat, E. T.: 2 reprints.
Pipkin, A.: 1 reprint.
Papaïoannou, C.: 1 reprint.

Box 72
Prager and his students II:
Prager, William: 23 reprints and typed list of publications.
Radok, J. R. M.: 1 reprint.
Reid, W. H.: 1 reprint.
Rivlin, Ronald S.: 3 reprints.
Schumann, Walter: 1 reprint.
Shield, R. T.: 3 reprints.
Smith, G. F.: 3 reprints.
Spencer, A. J. M.: 2 reprints.
Sternberg, Eli: 6 reprints.
Symonds, P. S.: 1 reprint.
Tekinalp, Bekir: 1 reprint.
Ziegler, Hans: 1 reprint.

Box 73
Reidemeister, Kurt: 25 reprints.

Box 74
Riesz, Frédéric: 26 reprints.
Riesz, Marcel: 4 reprints.

Box 75
Seifert, Herbert: 9 reprints.
Threlfall, W.: 4 reprints.
Seifert & Threlfall: 5 reprints.

Box 76
Steffensen, J. F.: 53 reprints.

Box 77
Veblen, Oswald: 24 reprints.
Weyl, Hermann: 39 reprints.

Box 78
Weier, Josef: 51 reprints, and 4 handwritten and 1 typed letters in German from the period 1955-58. Two of the letters are put into reprints.

Box 79
Wintner, Aurel: 46 reprints.

Details about the content of some of the folders

Below the content of the folders from the first series containing other archival material than reprints is described further.


Box 1

Folder: Bang (2), Besicovitch (3), N. Bohr (7), Buch (3), Bundgaard (1)
Bang, Thøger: 2 reprints, Bang's application for a docentship in 1951 and his application for a professorship in 1955 including lists of publications.
Besicovitch, A. S.: 3 reprints.
Bohr, N.: 7 reprints, copy of a letter from Dag Hammarskjöld (UN) to Bohr 1956, press clippings from the newspaper Politiken 11 November 1950, 7 October 1955, the newspaper Berlingske Aftenavis 6 October 1955, and from another newspaper 7 October 1955,the journal Journal of Jocular Physics from 7 October 1955, a copy of Bohr's Address given at the Newton Tercentenary Celebration, July 1946 and the manuscript for Bohr's lecture in the radio programme "Orientering" 2 February 1954 titled Det ny Israel og videnskaben (omkring Weizmann-Instituttet i Rehovot) [The new Israel and science (around the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot)].
Buch, Kai Rander: 3 reprints and Buch's application for a docentship at the Polytechnics (DtH) 23 September 1951 and for a professorship at the University of Aarhus 25 February 1954 both including a list of publications.
Bundgaard, Svend B. E.: 1 reprint and Bundgaard's application for the professorship in Aarhus 27 February 1954 including a list of publications.

Box 2

Folder: Backlund (7), Birkeland (3), Bjørgum (7), Buchwaldt (3)
Backlund, R. J.: 7 reprints.
Birkeland, Richard: 3 reprints.
Bjørgum, Oddvar: 7 reprints and material in Norwegian about the Bjørgum case in 1955, where his competence was discussed in connection with his application for a position.
Buchwaldt, F. A.: 3 reprints.

Box 3

Folder: Berker (6), Bieberbach (7), Brouwer (16)
Berker, Ratip: 6 reprints.
Bieberbach, Ludwig: 7 reprints.
Brouwer, L. E. J.: 16 reprints and folder with 10 letters in German from Brouwer to Nielsen 1919-20.

Box 4

Folder: Dehn (20)
Dehn, Max: 20 reprints, a copy of the manuscript for the lecture Über Kurvensysteme auf zweiseitigen Flächen presented in Breslau 11 February 1922, notes to Dehn's lectures, and 24 letters from Dehn to Nielsen 1916-31.

Box 5

Folder: Eilenberg (51)
Eilenberg, Samuel: 51 reprints and a copy of a general letter in English sent by Eilenberg and MacLane 16 April 1952.

Folder: Følner (15)
Følner, Erling: 15 reprints and his application for a professorship at the University of Copenhagen 17 March 1955 containing a list of publications.

Box 7

Folder: Fabricius-Bjerre (16), Fog (12)
Fabricius-Bjerre, Fr.: 16 reprints and a copy of his application for a professorship at the Polytechnics 19 July 1937 including a list of publications.
Fog, David: 12 reprints, a copy of his application from 1937 for the professorship at the Polytechnics and including a list of publications. A letter from Fog to Nielsen from 5 March 1928.

Box 9

Folder: Heins (13), Hoheisel (3), Hopf (6), Hu (10)
Heins, Maurice: 13 reprints.
Hoheisel, Guido: 3 reprints and 3 pages of copies from a mathematical manuscript.
Hopf, Eberhard: 6 reprints.
Hu, S. T.: 10 reprints.

Folder: Heegaard (25)
Heegaard, Poul: 25 reprints and 5 letters in Danish from Heegaard to Nielsen from 1935-1947.

Box 10

Folder: Hardy (8), Hecke (22)
Photocopies of the following material from the Staatsarchiv Hamburg were added 1 July 1999: a letter from Nielsen to Hecke 13 March 1920 in German, Jakob Nielsen's autobiography written 8 March 1920 to his Habilitationsschrift (3 pages in German) and Referat über die Habilitationsschrift v. Dr. Nielsen written by Hecke 29 March 1920 (3 pages in German).

Box 11

Folder: Jacobsthal (24), Johansson (15)
Jacobsthal, Ernst: 24 reprints.
Johansson, Ingebrigt: 15 reprints and a list of Johansson's works from the summer of 1941.

Folder: Kerékjártó (35)
Kerékjártó, B. de: 35 reprints, notes by Nielsen to one of Kerékjártó's works and 22 letters in German from Kerékjártó to Nielsen from the period 1923-35 which includes a few mathematical manuscripts.

Box 14

Folder: Mollerup (23)
Mollerup, Johannes: 23 reprints and obituaries of Mollerup from two Danish newspapers.

Box 15

Folder: Neugebauer (43)
Neugebauer, Otto: 43 reprints and typed manuscript in Danish for the presentation of one of his works for the Academy of Sciences 12 April 1957(included in the reprint).

Box 17

Folder: P. O. Pedersen (7), R. Petersen (7)
Pedersen, P. O.: 7 reprints.
Petersen, Richard: 7 reprints and a copy of Petersen's application for the professorship in mathematics at the Polytechnics 8 July 1937 containing a list of his publications.

Box 18

Folder: Rademacher (9), Reinhardt (7)
Rademacher, Hans: 9 reprints.
Reinhardt, Karl: 7 reprints and a letter from Reinhardt to Nielsen from 29 November 1929.

Box 19

Folder: Schlesinger (11), Schmeidler (12)
Schlesinger, Ludwig: 11 reprints.
Schmeidler, Werner: 12 reprints and a copy of a handwritten manuscript for the lecture Über algebraische Gebilde mit punktförmigen Singulariteten presented in Breslau 6 May 1922.

Folder: Schieldrop (3)
Schieldrop, Edgar B.: 3 reprints, 7 letters in Norwegian from Schieldrop to Nielsen 1931-33 of which several contain mathematics, a copy of Schieldrop's application for a professorship, and a copy of Schieldrop's manuscript En metode til opskrivning af holonome systemers bevægelsesligninger [A method to get the equations of movement for holonome systems]

Box 21

Folder: Séguier (10)
Séguier, J. de: 10 reprints and a letter in French from Séguier to Nielsen from 26 July 1921 included in one of the reprints.

Folder: Skolem (6), Speiser (7), Süss (7)
Skolem, Th.: 6 reprints and a copy of Skolem's application for a professorship containing a list of his publications.
Speiser, Andreas: 7 reprints and a letter in German from Speiser to Nielsen from 13 December 1929.
Süss, Wilhelm: 7 reprints.

Box 22

Folder: Stenij (10)
Stenij, S. E.: 10 reprints and a copy of a typed manuscript titled Über die hyrdrologischen Bilanz der Ostsee presented at a hydrological conference in Finland in 1936.

Box 23

Folder: Taussky (25), Todd (13), Taussky & Todd (7)
Taussky, Olga: 25 reprints written alone or together with others than Todd.
Todd, John: 13 reprints written alone or together with others than Taussky.
Todd & Taussky: 7 reprints written jointly and draft copy of a letter in English from Nielsen to Todd & Taussky, and their answer from 1946.

Folder: van der Waerden (24), Vietoris (17)
van der Waerden, B. L.: 24 reprints and Nielsen's notes fixed to one of them.
Vietoris, L.: 17 reprints.

Box 24

Folder: Walther (44)
Walther, A.: 44 reprints and a copy of a manuscript titled Lösen nichtlinearer Differentialgleichungen mit der Integrieranlage IBM-Ott and dated Istanbul, August 1952.

Folder: Whitehead (15), Wiman (9)
Whitehead, J. H. C.: 15 reprints.
Wiman, A.: 9 reprints, a list of Wiman's publications and a mathematical manuscript.