BIT Circus 2012
Numerical Mathematics and Computational Science

August 23-24, 2012

Organized by the Danish BIT contact group at the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen University.
The meeting is sponsored by BIT with support from DCAMM [Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics].
Held at the Technical University of Denmark, Building 101, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark.

Conference Program - To appear
Abstracts - To appear
List of Registered Participants - To appear
Local Directions, Accommodations Etc.

Invitation and Call for Papers

This is the latest in a series of "numerical circuses" whose motto is everybody is welcome, nobody is invited, and where younger researchers will present their ongoing work - everybody will get the chance to give a short presentation. The main purpose of the meeting is to exchange ideas on numerical mathematics and computational science. In particular we are interested in efforts to bring modeling, computation, and analysis closer.

This workshop is supported by BIT, and we budget to cover accommodations and meals for about 50 participants. We are not able to cover travel expenses.

Invited Speakers

Professor Rasmus Bro, Copenhagen University
Professor Jan S. Hesthaven, Brown University

Important Dates

June 15, 2012
August 23-24, 2012
Latest registration date. (Later registrations are handled on a "we will see what we can do" basis)
The Symposium


All lectures take place in lecture hall 73 in building 421 on the DTU-campus.

(All times are preliminary and approximate, except for the starting time)
Thursday Aug. 23 9:15-10 Welcome and sceduling of talks Friday Aug. 24 9:15-12 Contributed talks 3
  10-11 Rasmus Bro   12-14 Lunch
  11-12 Contributed talks 1   14-15 Contributed talks 4
  12-14 Lunch   15-16 Jan S. hesthaven
  14-17 Contributed talks 2      
  18-22 Circus dinner      

Previous Nordic (1996-2001) and BIT (2006-) Circuses


Please register by filling in and submitting the Registration Form.
The registration form is needed mainly to plan the meals. Whether you give a talk or not may be decided at the meeting itself. There will be a "roll call" at the start of the conference.
If you provide us with an abstract at registration, then we will make it available on the web.

Disclaimer: The conference organizers are not able to help in any way in getting visa for Denmark in order to participate in the symposium.
For registered participants showing up at the symposium, we will be able to provide a letter of participation (Participation Form).


We can arrange (and cover) accommodation for PhD students and Post Docs in the "Campus Village" at DTU, with arrival on Wednesday, August 22 and departure on Friday, August 24. To make a reservation here, please contact the secretary:
Kari Haugland
(+45) 45 25 30 33

Other participants must arrange their own accommodation; see for example Hotels in Copenhagen near the faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.

Symposium Organizers

Per Christian Hansen
(+45) 45 25 30 97
Jens Hugger
(+45) 28 75 06 84