Georgian Topology Week

The University of Copenhagen

September 25 - October 1 2006


Erik Pedersen (SUNY, Binghamton), Jesper Grodal, Jesper Møller and Nathalie Wahl (Copenhagen Topology Group)


11:15-12 in room 04.4.01: Erik Pedersen (Binghamton) - The realizability of local loop spaces as manifolds
12:15-13 in room 04.4.01: Hvedri Inassaridze (Tbilisi) - Smooth K-theory of locally convex algebras.

[related event: 15:15-16 in Aud 8: Colloquium by Adam Rennie]
16:15-17 in Aud 8: Nick Inassaridze (Tbilisi) - Hopf type formulas for cyclic homology.

[related event: 15:15-16 in Aud 8: Operator algebra seminar by Michel Lapidus]
16:15-17 in Aud 8: Tamaz Kandelaki (Tbilisi) - Spectra related to KK-theory and their applications.

16:15-17 in Aud 8: John Hubbard (Cornell) - The forced Pendulum: chaos and control

13:15-14 in Aud 9: Jesper Møller (Copenhagen) - Fusion in Chevalley groups
14:15- 15:00 in Aud 9: Malkhaz Bakuradze (Tbilisi) - Transferred Chern classes and Morava K-theory for finite groups.