Curriculum Vitae for Steffen L. Lauritzen

Personal information

Danish citizen.
Born 22 April 1947.
Married since 1967; 3 daughters, born 1968, 1970, and 1977.

Business address

Department of Mathematical Sciences

University of Copenhagen

Universitetsparken 5

DK 2100 Copenhagen


Telephone: + 45 35337597
E-mail lauritzen [at] math dot ku dot dk


Academic Degrees

Candidatus statisticae (M.Sc.) University of Copenhagen, 1972.
Licentiatus statisticae (Ph.D.) University of Copenhagen, 1975.
Doctor scientarum (D.Sc.) University of Copenhagen, 1982.
Master of Arts (MA), University of Oxford, 2005.

Positions Held

Research Fellow, University of Copenhagen, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 1972-1974.
Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 1974-1976.
Associate Professor University of Copenhagen, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 1976-1981.
Professor, Aalborg University, 1981-2004.
Consulting for the Danish Medical Science Research Council 1975-85, and 1994-1997.
Professor of Statistics and Professorial Fellow of Jesus College, University of Oxford, 2004-2014

Emeritus Professor of Statistics and Emeritus Fellow of Jesus College, University of Oxford, 2014-

Adjunct Professor, Aalborg University, 2015-

Professor of Statistics, University of Copenhagen, 2014-2021

Emeritus Professor of Statistics, University of Copenhagen, 2021-

Visiting positions

Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, 1973/74.
Visiting Assistant Professor, Stanford University, June-August 1974.
Visiting Professor, University of Western Australia, June-August 1976.
Visiting Professor, University of Rome, March 1983.
Visiting Professor, Stanford University, June-August 1983.
Visiting Professor, The Flinders University of South Australia, February-March 1986.
Visiting Professor, University of Paris XI at Orsay, April 1987.
Visiting Research Fellow, University of Cambridge, 1987/88.
Visiting Professor, Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada, Rio de Janeiro, February 1991.
Visiting Professor, Universita Luigi Bocconi, Milan, March 1992.
Research Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 1996/1997.
Research Fellow, Fields Institute, Toronto, September-November 1999.

Honorary Hans Fischer Senior Research Fellow, TUM - Institute of Advanced Study, 2016-

Selected External Posts

Associate editor of the Annals of Statistics 1983-1988.
Chairman of programme committee and local organizer of Nordic Conference in Mathematical Statistics at Aalborg, 1982.
Chairman of programme committee for the 16th European Meeting of Statisticians, Marburg, Fed. Rep. Germany, 1984.
Member of the European Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society of Mathematical Statistics and Probability, 1984-1988.
Member of the Research Section Committee of the Royal Statistical Society, 1992-1995.
Member of programme committee and local organizer of 1st European Conference on Highly Structured Stochastic Systems, Rebild, Denmark, 1996.
Chairman of Steering Committee for Scientific Programme on Highly Structured Stochastic Systems under the European Science Foundation, 1997-2000.
Editor of The Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 1998-2000.
Editor of Springer Series in Statistics and Information Science, 1999-2002.
Chairman of scientific programme committee for the 2nd European Conference on Highly Structured Stochastic Systems, Pavia, Italy, 1999.
Chairman of scientific committee for the Fields Institute programme on Causal Interpretation and Identification of Conditional Independence Structures, Toronto, Canada, Fall 1999.
Member of Scientific Board of the T. N. Thiele Centre for Applied Mathematics in Natural Science, Aarhus, Denmark,  2004-2009.
Member of Scientific Committee of the Centre for Research in Statistical Methodology at Warwick University, UK, from 2005-2009.
Member of panel for Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics at the Research Assessment Exercise 2005 for Helsinki University.
Associate Editor of Probability Theory and Related Fields, 2005-2007.
Scientific organizer of London Mathematical Society Durham Research Symposium on Mathematical Aspects of Graphical Models 2008.

Member of scientific advisory board for the evaluation of Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, 2009.

Biometrika Trustee 2010-

Working group leader, COSTNET CA 15109, Statistical Network Data Science, 2016-

From time to time expert witness in cases of liability, discrimination, and forensic statistics in Norway, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

Teaching Experience

Since 1972 teaching probability and mathematical statistics at all levels at the University of Copenhagen and Aalborg University, including the supervision of Ph.D. students. Since 1981 also courses in mathematics at elementary and intermediate levels at Aalborg University. Project-oriented teaching of mathematics at Aalborg University. Intensive lecture series on Graphical Models at American and European universities.  Undergraduate and graduate lectures at Oxford University since 2004.

PhD candidates

1982: Ib M. Skovgaard, Edgeworth expansions in statistics.
1984: Anders Milhøj, Univariate time series modelling in the frequency domain.
1988: Søren Lundbye-Christensen, Modelling and monitoring pregnancy.
1989: Morten Frydenberg, Graphical interaction models.
1990: E. Susanne Christensen, Controlling emissions.
1993: Uffe Kjærulff, Aspects of efficiency improvement in Bayesian networks.
1995: Jens Henrik Badsberg, An environment for graphical models.
1995: Lene Kolind Rasmussen, A Bayesian network for blood typing and parentage verification of cattle.
1996: Bo Thiesson, Some statistical methods for learning probabilistic networks.
1997: Heidi H. Andersen, Monte Carlo likelihood in complex graphical models.
1998: Flemming Skjøth, Models for repeated measures in agricultural research.
2002: Malene Højbjerre, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods in directed graphical models.
2004: Susanne Gammelgaard Bøttcher. Learning Bayesian networks with mixed variables.

2009: Roland Ramsahai. Causal inference with instruments and other supplementary variables.

2010: Anjali Mazumder. Planning in Forensic DNA Identification Using Probabilistic Expert Systems.

2011: Klea Panayidou. Estimation of Tree Structure for Variable Selection.

2012: Helene Gehrmann. Graphical Gaussian Models with Symmetries.

2012: Kayvan Sadeghi. Graphical Representation of Independence Structures.

2014: Therese Graversen. Statistical and Computational Methodology for the Analysis of Forensic DNA Mixtures with Artefacts.

2014: Peter G. M. Forbes. Quantifying the Strength of Evidence in Forensic Fingerprints.

Administrative Experience

Member of various governing bodies at the University of Copenhagen, 1972-1981.
Member of the board of the Danish Society of Theoretical Statistics, 1975-1979.
Chairman, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Aalborg University, 1983-1986.
Chairman, Research Committee of the Institute for Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, 1984-1986.
Member of Divisional Board for Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences, University of Oxford, 2006-
Curator of University Libraries, University of Oxford, 2006-2008.

Head of Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, 2009-2012.

Memberships of Academic Societies

Dansk Matematisk Forening.
Dansk Selskab for Teoretisk Statistik.
Royal Statistical Society.
London Mathematical Society.
The Bernoulli Society of Mathematical Statistics and Probability.
European Mathematical Society.
Institute of Mathematical Statistics.
American Mathematical Society.
International Society for Bayesian Analysis.


Elected member of International Statistical Institute, 1984.
Fellow of Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 1984.
The 1989 award of the American Statistical Association for ``Outstanding Statistical Application''.
Member of Academia Europaea, 1991.
Honorary Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, 1992.
``Teacher of the Year'' in the Mathematical, Physical, and Computing Sciences at Aalborg University, 1993.
The Guy Medal in Silver, Royal Statistical Society, 1996.
Fellowship at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 1996/97.
Fellowships at the Institution of San Cataldo, Italy, 1993 and 1998.
Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog, 1999.
ISI Highly Cited Researcher 2002
The DeGroot Prize 2002.
Elected to the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters 2008.
Teaching Excellence Award, University of Oxford 2008.
Doctor scientarum honoris causa. Aalborg University, 2008.

Fellow of the Royal Society 2011

Humboldt Research Prize 2016

Honorary Member of Danish Society of Theoretical Statistics 2018

Selected Invited Lectures

Special Invited Lecturer, European Meeting of Statisticians, Brighton 1980.
Special Invited Lecturer, Institute of Mathematical Statistics 1988
Special Invited Lecturer, Institute of Mathematical Statistics 2001
Laplace Lecturer, Bernoulli Society 2004

St Flour Lecturer, 2006

Bahadur Lecturer, University of Chicago 2009.

Wald Lecturer, Institute of Mathematical Statistics 2012

BMS Colloquium Speaker, Berlin Mathematical School 2017

Corcoran Memorial Lecturer, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, 2017

Foundational Lecture, International Society of Bayesian Analysis World Meeting, Montreal 2022

Commercial affiliations and activities

Co-founder (and share-holder) of HUGIN Expert Ltd. Member of its Board of Directors since March 2002; Chairman since March 2003.



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