Algebra 3 Blok 3 - Spring 2010

Lectures by Jørn Børling Olsson

Associated lecturer: Christian U. Jensen

Course description available here

  NEW: Question session / Spørgetime Tuesday 13. april 15.00-16:00 in A 101

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1. Teaching:

tuesdays 13:15 til 15:00 in Aud 09 og fridays 09:15 til 12:00 in Aud 09
Exercise classes tuesdays 15.15-17:00 in A106
Martin Wedel Jacobsen

Activities starting Tuesday 2. February 2010 at 13:15 (lectures) and 15:15 (exercises)
Teaching in a total of 7 weeks.

2. Teaching material:

Jørn B. Olsson & Chr. U. Jensen: Lectures Notes on Classical Algebra
Chapter I (written by Jørn Olsson): Group Theory 
pdf-file (54  pages) 
Exercises for Chapter I  pdf-file  
Chapter II (written by Chr. U. Jensen): Rings and polynomials  pdf-file (35 pages) 
Chapter III
(written by Chr. U. Jensen): Galois Theory pdf-file  
(18 pages)
Chapter IV (written by Chr. U. Jensen): Cyclotomic fields and applications pdf-file   (18 pages)

Chapter V (written by Chr. U. Jensen): Solvability by Radicals pdf-file  (15 pages)

Exercises for Chapter II-V  pdf-file

3. Curriculum
Announced in the weekly information sheets

4. Compulsory activities during the course

1. Three compulsory written exercises in the 3., 5. and 7. week of teaching
2. Written exam 16. april 2010. Details in weekly information sheet 7
The first of these activities is weighted 1/4, the second 3/4.
More detailed information about the compulsory activities are available in the weekly information sheets.

5. Weekly information sheets
about lectures and exercises

(usually available on fridays)

Week 1   pdf-file  

Week 2   
Week 3    pdf-file  
Week 4   
Week 5     pdf-file  
Week 6  
Week 7  

6. Compulsory exercises (Obligatoriske opgaver):

First compulsory exercises (deadline 16. February at 15:15pdf-file Evaluation of exercises
Second compulsory exercises  (deadline 9. March at 15:15) pdf-file 
Third compulsory exercises   (deadline 23. March) pdf-file  

7. Earlier written exams:

Please note that references to results on group theory are no longer accurate, as the notes have been changed.

Written exam 2009 pdf-file
Written exam 2008 pdf-file