Algebra 3 Blok 1 - Fall 2010

Reading course organized by Jørn Børling Olsson

Associated lecturer: Christian U. Jensen
Instructor: Matthew Gelvin

Course description available here

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1. Teaching:

, discussions and exercise class wednesdays 13:15 til 16:00 in Aud 08 and A102 (after 15:15)
Starting in week 6 (13. october), the activities start at 14:15 (one hour later than before)

Activities starting Wednesday 8. September 2010 at 13:15 

Teaching in a total of 9 weeks.

2. Teaching material (Material for week 8-9 to be announced)

Jørn B. Olsson & Chr. U. Jensen: Lectures Notes on Classical Algebra
Chapter I (written by Jørn Olsson): Group Theory 
pdf-file (54  pages) 
Exercises for Chapter I  pdf-file  
Chapter II (written by Chr. U. Jensen): Rings and polynomials  pdf-file (35 pages) 
Chapter III
(written by Chr. U. Jensen): Galois Theory pdf-file  
(18 pages)
Chapter IV (written by Chr. U. Jensen): Cyclotomic fields and applications pdf-file   (18 pages)

Chapter V (written by Chr. U. Jensen): Solvability by Radicals pdf-file  (15 pages)

Exercises for Chapter II-V  pdf-file
Matthew Gelvin: Lecture Notes on Modules (new)
Basic module theory pdf-file

3. Curriculum
Announced in the information sheets

4. Compulsory activities during the course
: (slight changes im schedule are possible)

1. Two compulsory written exercises  in the 4. and 8. week of teaching. Only the second written exercise counts in the evaluation of the course.
2. Two multiple choice tests in weeks 5 (6. October) and 9 (3. November).  Both count in the evaluation of the course.

More detailed information about the compulsory activities are available in the information sheets.

5. Information sheets
about lectures, exercises and compulsory activities:

Sheet 1  pdf-file

Sheet 2
Sheet 3   pdf-file

6. Compulsory exercises (Obligatoriske opgaver):

First compulsory exercises pdf-file (deadline 29. September at 13:15
Second compulsory exercises pdf-file (deadline 27. October at 13:15)

7. Earlier written exams:

Please note that references to results on group theory are no longer accurate, as the notes have been changed.

Written exam spring 2010 pdf-file
Written exam 2009 pdf-file
Written exam 2008 pdf-file