Finite Groups and Fusion 
Blok 1 - Fall 2010

Lectures by Ellen Henke and Jørn Børling Olsson
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Course description available here.

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Lectures tuesdays 13:00 til 15:00 in Aud 10 og fridays 10:00 til 12:00 in Aud  8 
Exercise classes
tuesdays 15:00 til 17:00 in A 105 (starting in week 2)

Lectures start Tuesday 7. September at 13:15
Exercise classes start
Tuesday 15. September at 15:15.
Teaching in a total of 9 weeks.

Preliminary plan for the course:
Week 1-3 Introduction to transfer and fusion in finite groups
Week 3-7 Fusion systems
Week 8 Topological aspects (Guest lecturer Bob Oliver on tuesday. no lecture on friday)
Week 9 Oral presentations

Teaching material:
Week 1-2  (primarily) Paul Flavell: An introduction to transfer and fusion in finite groups pdf-file
Michael Aschbacher, Radha Kessar and Bob Oliver: FUSION SYSTEMS IN ALGEBRA AND TOPOLOGY pdf-file

Survey of results of the first week (by Jørn Olsson) pdf-file
Survey of results of the second and third week (by Jørn Olsson) pdf-file
Overview of results on fusion systems (by Ellen Henke):
1. Introduction  pdf-file
2. Alperin's Fusion Theorem (minor changes!!)  pdf-file

3. Normal and Central subgroups
4. Factor Systems and Surjective Morphisms pdf-file  Revised version week 7
5. Normal subsystems pdf-file
Information sheet week 5

Additional material:
Jørn B Olsson : Algebra 3 - Group theory  pdf-file (These notes, which were extended recently,
contain most of the background results on finite groups which are needed in the course)

Jørn B Olsson : Notes on Group theory (9 chapters G1-G9) pdf-file
(We will discuss parts of chapter G6 in week 1-2) 

Jørn B Olsson : Noter om gruppeteori (9 Kapitler G1-G9) pdf-file
(Danish version of the above notes)
Markus Linckelmann: Introduction to fusion systems pdf-file
David Craven: Fusion Systems: Group theory, representation theory, and topology  pdf-file
(The author points out, that the notes are incomplete and contain many errors.)

Compulsory activities during the course:
1. Three compulsory assignments (in weeks 3, 5 and 7)
2. Oral presentation in week 8-9.  The topics for the oral presentations were presented in the exercise class
on 12. October.

Topics for the oral presentations  pdf-file
Schedule for the oral presentations  pdf-file (revised!)

First compulsory exercises (Posed 15. September, Deadline 24. September) pdf-file 
Second compulsory exercises (Posed 1. October, Deadline 8. October)  pdf-file
Third compulsory exercises
(Posed 15. October, Deadline 22. October)
pdf-file  (Changes!)