Classification of Nuclear, Simple C*-algebras

By Mikael RÝrdam.

Published by Springer Verlag in the series Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences. Publication: Fall, 2001. Link to book: Hardback.

198pp. ISBN: 3-540-42305-X, price: EUR: 96,95

I list here the typographical errors, other corrections, and updates to the book found since the proofs were submitted to the printers May 2001.

I shall gratefully receive - and post - any corrections the readers have found in the book. Please address these to

List of corrections

The list is displayed below in a mixture of html and TeX symbols, and the text has in parts been reworded to avoid math symbols. You can also download the corrections written out more legibly in TeX here:

Corrections:   dvi file   -   ps file   -   pdf file.


Question 8.4.4 on page 129 has been answered in the negative in a revised version of [122].

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