Henrik Schlichtkrull


Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.


Henrik Schlichtkrull
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Universitetsparken 5
DK-2100 Copenhagen , Denmark

Office: 04.1.11
Phone: +45 3533 0405
e-mail: schlicht@math.ku.dk


Representation Theory, an electronic journal of the AMS. From Feb 1, 2015, I am no longer an editor of this journal. The new managing editor is Peter Trapa, Utah.

Research interests

Lie groups, representation theory, symmetric spaces, harmonic analysis


Analysis 1 (Spring 2015). See ABSALON and here.
Lie Groups (Spring 2015) here.
Geom2 (Fall 2014) here.
Analysis 1 (Spring 2014). See ABSALON and here.
Lie Groups (Spring 2014) here.
Geom2 (Fall 2013) here.
Analysis 1 (Spring 2013). See ABSALON and here.
Differential equations (Spring 2013) here.
Geom2 (Fall 2012) here.
Differential equations (Spring 2012) here.
Lie Groups (Spring 2012) here.
Geom2 (Fall 2011) here.
Geom2 (Fall 2010) here.
MatIntro (Fall 2010) here.
Geom1 (Spring 2010) here.
MatIntro (Fall 2009) here.
Geom1 (Spring 2009) here.
MatIntro (Fall 2008) here.
Geom1 (Spring 2008) here.
MatIntro (Fall 2007) here.
Geom 2 (Spring 2007) here.


The most recent papers can be found in the e-print archive arXiv.org
For a list of published papers, see here.

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