CV and publication list for Flemming Topsøe


Born August 25, 1938 in AArhus, mag.scient. 1962 from the University of AArhus, 1965-66 studies at the University of Cambridge, England, dr. phil. 1971 from KU (thesis: "Topology and Measure", Springer, russian edition 1972). Employed since January 1, 1964 at KU, Department of Mathematics, presently as associate professor ("docent"). Guest professor in Germany: Freiburg 1973, Munster1984. Chairman, Danish Mathematical Society, 1978-82. From 1983-around 1998 involved in various activity aiming, in particular, at providing internet based services for user communities in mathematics in Europe, Russia and other countries (under the generic project name "Euromath"). Received the Hlavka memorial medal in 1992 by the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, honorary professor 1994 at the University of Kent at Canterbury, in 2006 awarded the B. Bolzano honorary medal, "... the highest recognition of achievements in the mathematical sciences awarded by the Czech Academy of Sciences".


Extensive experience in this area. Main focus 1983-98 has been on international collaboration aiming at establishing a modern research infrastructure for the mathematical sciences, built on information technology and modern telecommunication. Several major posts in Denmark and abroad, founder or co-founder of centers in Denmark and in England. Main responsibility for several projects, sponsored by EU, INTAS, NATO and others (largest involved 59 research centres in 6 of the fSU countries). Formal posts include chairmanships of the Danish Mathematical Society 1979-83 and of the European Mathematical Trust (1987-1998).


Participation in several science festivals (one international, in Edinburgh, 1999, latest one in September 2004), developed "stand-up mathematics" for the European Cultural City activities, Copenhagen 1996, frequent lecturer for high school students and others.


Extensive experience at all levels. FT finds teaching important, stimulating and rewarding. Three teaching monographs, most recent one from 2002 on logic and other foundational issues, reflecting FT's (successful) endeavours to introduce training in logic as a permanent part of the general mathematics curriculum.


After the exciting and hectic period with international collaboration, FT again took up intense research activity, now aiming only at information theory and its applications. From 1998 onwards, Peter Harremoes has been a central collaborator for this activity. Organized in 2001 the trans- disciplinary conference "Information Theory and its applications in biology, physics and finance" by invitation at the Banach Center in Warsaw. Coordinator for INTAS-project: "Efficient source coding and related problems" 2001-2004. A number of invited and other talks since 1998 on information theory and its applications. Two research monographs, about 60 papers in refereed journals, several proceedings contributions. The following paper won a best paper award: "Bounds for entropy and divergence for distributions over a two-element set", JIPAM. J. Inequal. Pure Appl. Math. 2 (2001), no. 2, Article 25, 13 pp. (electronic)

PUBLICATIONS OF FLEMMING TOPSØE, 2000-2004 (only published or accepted)