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This page collects various notes and slides that have been used in my courses at the University of Copenhagen. Since I tend to use Absalon to post all information and all notes and exercises for my courses, this page only functions as a repository where some of the course material remain available for posterity (so to speak).

Introduction to Mathematical Logic (S2012, S2013, S2014, FW2014/15)

This course follows Herbert Enderton's A mathematical introduction to logic (2ed, AP, 2001), but with some supplements:

Lecture 1 notes
Lecture 2 notes
Lecture 5 notes
Lecture 9 notes
Lecture 10 notes
Lecture 11 notes
Lecture 12 notes
A guide to the completeness theorem
Axioms of set theory (slides)

Descriptive set theory (S2013)

This course follows Alexander Kechris' Classical descriptive set theory (Springer, GTM 156, 1995).

A guided tour of ordinals
Mycielski's theorem; Borel codes
Smooth vs non-smooth/Becker-Kechris' theorem

Axiomatic set theory and forcing (W2014)

This course followed K. Kunen's textbook "Set Theory: An introduction to Independence Proofs" (North-Holland, 1980), as well as some lecture notes by D.A. Martin

Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3

Diskret Matematik, a.k.a. DIS (F2014)

This course follows a set of lecture notes written by Jesper Lutzen. Some slides and notes:

Slides form lecture 1
Lecture 1 notes
lecture 2 slides
lecture 3 slides
lecture 4 slides
Ramsey's theorem (assignment)
Conceptual exercises