EVA 2005

4th Conference on

Extreme Value Analysis

Gothenburg, August 15-19, 2005

Stochastic centre





Paper: Copulas: Tales and Facts by Thomas Mikosch

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Announcement for the software session. ( PDF )

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Scientific Organizing Committee

Stuart Coles (Padova)
· Richard A. Davis (Colorado State, Ft. Collins)
· Claudia Kluppelberg (TU Munich)
· Thomas Mikosch (Copenhagen)
Holger Rootzen
· Johan Segers (Tilburg)

Local Organizing Committee

· Henrik Hult (Ithaca/Copenhagen)
· Filip Lindskog (KTH Stockholm)
· Thomas Mikosch (Copenhagen)
Holger Rootzen
(Chalmers, Chairman)

· Catalin Starica (Chalmers)
· Erik Brodin
· Mattias Bengtsson
· Marianne Rosander Bäckström


For questions and comments contact: Thomas Mikosch mikosch@math.ku.dk