Sand Research.

For many years, I have been involved in the study of the physics of wind blown sand. This work is carried out in close collaboration with Keld Rømer Rasmussen from the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Aarhus. The main aim of the research has been to investigate and model the basic processes, but also to solve related statistical problems. We have always tried to ensure a fruitful mixture of theoretical work and experiments in the field as well as in the two windtunnels at Aarhus University. Applications of the research range from geomorphological processes to the desertification problems in the arid areas of the world.

My publications about sand and related subjects:

[martian dunes]

Barchan dunes of dark sand in the Nili Patera region of Syrtis Major, Mars. The shapes of these dunes indicate that wind has been steadily transporting the dark sand from the right/upper right toward the lower left. This picture was taken on the first day of the MGS Mapping Phase during the second week of March 1999. It shows an area 2.1 kilometers wide at the full commanded resolution of 3 meters per pixel. Illumination is from the upper left. Photo Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems.

Danish dunes