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    Contact Details

    Phone:+45 513 19991
    Dept Fax:+45 353 20704
    Dept Web: http://www.math.ku.dk/

    Postal Address:Department of Mathematical Sciences
    University of Copenhagen
    Universitetsparken 5
    DK-2100 Copenhagen

    Research Interests

    I'm a professor at University of Copenhagen, Department of Mathematical Sciences. I'm generally interested in the application of mathematics, probability and statistics in the biosciences, and to develop mathematical and statistical theory for biological phenomena. Over the years I have worked on different issues, or themes, and applied modeling in many different contexts. Currently, my interests are in systems biology and population genetics.

    My publication list is divided into categories, organized in reverse chronological order starting from 2018 and going back to 1997; in addition to peer-reviewed publications it contains books, book contributions and various other science contributions. I also include a list of arXiv papers that have been submitted recently (if any). Many of my publications can be found on arXiv.

    Recent ArXiv Submissions (and other submissions)

  1. Hansen MS, Wiuf C. 2018 Existence of a unique quasi-stationary distribution for stochastic reaction networks. Submitted.
  2. Sáez M, Wiuf C, Feliu E. 2018 Nonnegative linear elimination for chemical reaction networks Submitted.
  3. Soraggi S, Wiuf C. 2018 General theory for stochastic admixture graphs and F-statistics. Submitted.

    Peer-Reviewed Publications


  1. Sáez M, Feliu E, Wiuf C. 2018 Graphical criteria for positive solutions to linear systems. Linear Algebra Appl 552: 166-193.
  2. Feliu E, Cappelletti D, Wiuf C. 2018 Node balanced steady states: Unifying and generalizing complex and detailed balanced steady states. Math Biosci 301: 68-82.
  3. Sáez M, Feliu E, Wiuf C. 2018 (Conference proceeding) Linear elimination in chemical reaction networks. SEMA SIMAI Springer Series 18: 169-186. Eds. JL García Guirao, JA Murillo Hernández, F Periago Esparza.
  4. Ferragut A, Valls C, Wiuf C. 2018 On the Liouville integrability of Edelstein's reaction system in R3. Chaos Soliton Fract 108: 129-135.
  5. Wiuf C. 2018 Some properties of the conditioned reconstructed process with Bernoulli sampling. Theor Pop Biol 122: 36-45.
  6. Soraggi S, Wiuf C, Albrechtsen, A. 2018 Powerful inference with the D-statistic on low-coverage whole-genome data. G3 8: 551-566.
  7. 2017

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  15. 2016

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  21. 2015

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  25. 2014

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  28. 2013

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