Complex Methods in Dynamical Systems and Special Functions 2008 - 2010

The research group is funded by a research grant from the Danish Research Council for Nature and Universe. This page documents the major activities of the group.

Christian Berg
Bodil Branner
Carsten Lunde Petersen
Henrik Laurberg Pedersen

Major activities
Holomorphic Day 2008: Program
Holomorphic Day 2009: Program
Holomorphic Day 2010: Program. The original program had to be changed in the morning of April 16 because of the volcanic eruption on Iceland. Zinsmeister, Rashkovskii and Smirnov were unable to fly to Copenhagen. We are thankful to John Hubbard who immediately offered to give two talks.
Workshop 2008: The escaping set (Additional funding from CODY)
Workshop and PhD course 2009: Dynamics with more than one free critical point (Additional funding from CODY)
Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials, Hankel and Jacobi matrices 2009 (Additional funding from Nordforsk)
Workshop on Integral Transforms, Positivity and Applications 2010 (Additional funding from Nordforsk)
Workshop on Holomorphic Dynamics around Thurston’s Theorem (Additional funding from CODY)

The research grant has made it possible for us to invite the following guests to Denmark: Alexandru Aleman (Lund), Antonio J. Durán (Sevilla), Adam Epstein (Warwick), Núria Fagella (Barcelona), Agnieszka Kazun (Wroclaw), Sarah Koch (Toulouse), Stamatis Koumandos (Nicosia), Mikhail Sodin (Tel Aviv), Christophe Vignat (Paris), Alexander Ulanovskii (Stavanger).

Henrik Laurberg Pedersen

Last modified: March 23, 2011