Niels Martin Møller

Niels Martin Møller

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematical Sciences (MATH)
University of Copenhagen, H.C. Ørsted Institute
Universitetsparken 5, Copenhagen, DK-2100 Denmark
Office: Room 04.4.14.
Email: nmoller[Q]math[,]ku[,]dk
URL: | KU profile page

Welcome to my page at University of Copenhagen, where I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics, working on geometry and partial differential equations. I received my PhD degree in Mathematics from MIT and was subsequently employed as Instructor at Princeton University. In 2017, I was selected as one of 7 new members across Danish sciences & humanities to join the "Young Academy" under the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters [Member Profiles at The Young Academy].

I'm a cofounding member of GeoTop - The Copenhagen Centre for Geometry and Topology, a larger initiative starting in 2020, via funding from the Danish National Research Foundation's centers of excellence program. I'm also an Associate Member of QMATH.
We're currently hiring at MATH, U Copenhagen:
- GeoTop jobs
- PhD stipends
- Postdoc positions
--> Deadline Nov 15th, 2020 (midnight local time, 11:59pm CET), for both PhD and Postdoc fellowships.

Members of my research group at U Copenhagen, whom I mentor/supervise, funded by the DNRF, DFF-Sapere Aude, MATH/UCPH (ordered by date of hire, updated 10/2020):
- Felix Lubbe (Postdoc)
- Alexander Friedrich (Postdoc)
- Jingxuan Zhang (PhD student)
- Ali Jabbar Muhammad (PhD student)
- John Man Shun Ma (Postdoc)
Past group members:
- Francesco Chini (PhD, 2/2020) [F. Chini's doctoral thesis (.PDF)]

Courses in differential geometry and partial differential equations at U Copenhagen: Some events that I've (helped) organize: For those interested in geometric analysis, there now is a community facebook page - many more activities in the field worldwide are posted there:
Geometric Analysis: Past, Present and Future
GeoTop - The Copenhagen Centre for Geometry and Topology
MATH at U Copenhagen
MSRI at UC Berkeley
Mathematics at ICTP
Mathematics at Princeton
Mathematics at MIT