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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Full name
Uffe Valentin Haagerup
December 19, 1949
Cand scient, Copenhagen University, 1974.
1974-77, Adjunkt (Assistent Professor), Odense University.
1977-79, Kandidatstipendiat (Research Fellow) at Odense University, with visits to Belgium, France, Norway and USA.
1979-81, Lektor (Associate Professor), Odense University.
1981-2010, Professor (Full Professor), Odense University (now SDU)
2010-2014, Professor (Full Professor), University of Copenhagen
2015-, Professor (Full Professor), University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
Sabbaticals and guest positions
1982-83: UCLA (6 month) and University of Pennsylvania (6 month)
1988-89: Institute Mittag-Leffler, Stockholm (6 month).
2001: Mathematical Science Research Institute, Berkeley (3 1/2 month).
2007: The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto (4 months)
2008-2011: University of Münster, Germany (in total 6 months).
Former PhD-students
Marianne Terp (PhD 1981),
John Schou (PhD 1991),
Steen Thorbjørnsen (PhD 1998),
Flemming Larsen (PhD 1999),
Jacob Hjelmborg (PhD 2000, co-advisor Mikael Rørdam),
Lars Aagard (PhD 2004),
Agata Przybyszewska (PhD 2006),
Hanne Schultz (PhD 2006),
Troels Steenstrup (PhD 2009),
Sören Möller (PhD 2013),
Tim de Laat (PhD 2013, co-advisor Magdalena Musat).
Current PhD-students
Søren Knudby,
Kang Li (co-advisor Ryszard Nest),
Khristian Knudsen Olesen (co-advisor Magadalena Musat).
Selected talks
Invited speakter at ICM1986 (Berkeley), plenary speaker at ICM2002 (Beijing), Destinguished lecturer at the Fields Institute of Mathematical Research (Toronto, 2007). Plenary speaker at International Congress on Mathematical Physics ICMP12 (Aalborg, 2012). Has given more than 30 invited talks at international conferences and workshops since 2008. For more details click here.
Conference organisation et. al
1986: Coorganizer of the conference "Probability in Banach Spaces", Sandbjerg, Denmark
1988-89: Organized together with Erling Stormer (Oslo) the special year on Operator Algebras at Institutt Mittag-Leffler, Stockholm.
1987-2008. Coorganizer of 6 conferences on "C*-algebras" in Oberwolfach, Germany.
2000-01: Was one of the scientific organizers for the special year on Operator Algebras at MSRI, Berkeley
2000-03: Coorganizer of two MaPhySto workshops "Free Probability and Random Matrices", Sandbjerg, Denmark (June 2000), and "Random Matrices and related fields", Sandbjerg, Denmark (January 2003)
2007: Was one of the scientific organizers of the 6 months program in Operator Algebras at the Fields institute in Toronto
2008-present: Member of the Oberwolfach Scientific Commitee.
Administrative duties at University of Southern Denmark
Vice-chairman, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1983-84 and 1989-91,
Member of the Deansboard in Natural Sciences 1985-88
Member of the Deans committee for promotion to tenure 1992-99.
Chairman of the PhD-committee at Dept. of Math. and Computer Science 1996-2000.
Editorial work
Editor-in-Chief of Acta Mathematica 2000-2006.
1985. The Samual Friedman Award (UCLA and Copenhagen).
1986. Invited speakter at ICM1986 (Berkeley).
1989. The Ole Roemer Award (Copenhagen).
2002. Plenary speaker at ICM2002 (Beijing).
2007. Destinguished lecturer at the Fields Institute of Mathematical Research (Toronto).
2008. The Humboldt Research Award (Münster).
2010-2014 ERC Advanced Grant.
2012. Plenary speaker at International Congress on Mathematical Physics ICMP12 (Aalborg).
2012. 14th European Latsis Prize from the European Science Foundation, ESF (Brussels).
2013. Honorary Doctor degree from East China Normal University, ECNU (Shanghai).
Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.
Member of the Norwegean Academy of Science and Letters.