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Publications 1995 - 1999

  1. U. Haagerup and M. Rørdam, Perturbations of the rotation C*-algebras and of the Heissenberg commutation relation, Duke Math. Journal 77, 627-656 (1995).

  2. U. Haagerup and E. Størmer, Subfactors of a factor of type III-lambda, which contain a maximal centralizer, International Journal Math. 6, 273-277 (1995).

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  6. U. Haagerup, On Voiculescu's R- and S-transforms for free non-commuting random variables, Fields Institute Communications 12, 127-148 (1997).

  7. U. Haagerup, Orthogonal maximal abelian *-subalgebras of the n x n matrices and cyclic n-roots, pp. 296-322 in "Operator Algebras and Quantum Field Theory" (ed. S.Doplicher et al.), International Press (1997). Abstract and PostScript file (82 kb, compressed) available.

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  12. U. Haagerup and E. Størmer, On maximality of entropy in finite von Neumann algebras, pp 99-110 in "Operator Algebras and Operator Theory" (ed. L. Ge et al.), Contemporary Mathematics 228, Amer. Math. Soc. (1998).

  13. M. Asaeda and U. Haagerup, Exotic subfactors of finite depth with Jones indices (5+sqrt(13))/2 and (5+sqrt(17))/2, Commun. Math. Phys. 202, 1-63 (1999).

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