This is a collection of some of the slides that I have used when giving plenary lectures at conferences.
Rigorous Results on the energy and structure of ground states of large many-body systems.
Series of 4 lectures held at the workshop on Large Many Body Systems, Warwick 23-28 August 2004.

Lecture 1: Elementary formalism , Lecture 2: Approximate models , Lecture 3: Specific many body systems , Lecture 4: Stability and Instability of matter.

Dyson's conjecture for the energy of a charged Bose gas (PDF file) (PS file)
Lecture given at the Rutgers Statistical Mechanics conference in honor of F. Dyson's 80th Birthday, New Brunswick December 2004.

The Energy of Charged Matter (PDF file) (PS file)
Plenary lecture given at 2003 International Congres of Mathematical Physics, Lisbon 2003

The Matter of Instability (PDF file) (PS file)
Lecture given at the conference Stability Matters in honor of Elliott Lieb's 70th Birthday, Vienna July 2002.

The role of Thomas-Fermi theory in Mathematical Physics (PDF file) (PS file)
Lecture given at the Swedish Academy of Sciences on October 24 2001, on the occasion of Elliott Lieb being awarded the 2001 Rolf Schock Prize. (A somewhat different version of this talk was given at the Centennial celebration of the birth of Enrico Fermi in Rome September 29, 2001)

The correlation energy of charged quantum systems (PDF file)   (PS file)
Lecture given at the workshop on Quantum Spectra and Dynamics Israel, June 28 - July 5, 2000

The One Component Bose Gas. (PDF file) (PS file)
Lecture given at the Analysis And Mathematical Physics, Conference on the Occasion of Gårding's 80th Birthday, Lund, August 1999.

The impact of Birman's work on the theories of stability of matter. (PDF file) (PS file)
Lecture given at the Conference in Partial Differential Operators and Spectral Theory held in honor of M.S. Birman at The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, January 3-7 1998.

Mathematical results on the structure of large atoms (PDF file) (PS)
Lecture given at the 2nd European congress of mathematics, Budapest, Hungary, July 1996

Constitution and Stability of Atoms and Molecules (PDF file) (PS)
Review lectures given at the Ascona summer school, July 1996

Magnetic Stability of Matter (PDF file) (PS)
Lecture given at the 22nd nordic congress of mathematicians, Lahti, Finland, June 1996

Mean field stability of matter (PDF file) (PS)
Lecture given at the International Conference on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics, University of Alabama, Birmingham, March 1994

Quantum Coherent Operators: A Generalization of Coherent States (PDF file) (PS)
Lecture given at the Conference on Coherent States, Oak-Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, June, 1993

Matter under the influence of extremely strong magnetic fields (PDF file) (PS)
Lecture given at the conference `The State of Matter', in honor of E.H. Lieb's 60th Birthday, Copenhagen, July 1992

Atomic and Molecular Structure - A Renormalized picture (PDF file) (PS)
Lecture given at the 10th International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Leipzig, Germany, August, 1991