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Manuscripts and in preparation

  1. The Burnside ring of the p-completed classifying space of a finite group. (First version available upon request.)
  2. (with A. Adem) On Qd(p)-actions on spheres via homotopical methods. (First version available upon request.)
  3. (with J. H. Smith) Classification of homotopy G-actions on spheres. (Here's a related Oberwolfach report.)
  4. (with B. Oliver) Fundamental groups of p-local finite groups. (Here's a related Oberwolfach report.)
  5. Schur multipliers and the gluing conjecture for finite groups of Lie type, in preparation.
  6. (with J. Carlson, N. Mazza, and D. Nakano) Endotrivial modules for finite reductive groups, in preparation.
  7. (with G. Robinson) On a characteristic subgroup related to endotrivial modules, in preparation.


  • A Baues fibration category structure on Banach and C*-algebras. Unpublished manuscript, 1997 (with K. Andersen).

  • Course notes for second half of UCPH graduate course "Categories and Topology". with Rune Haugseng (covering homotopy colimits, localization, and completion)

  • Various work I did while a Cand. Scient. student in Copenhagen.
    Here is my vita.
    My work is reviewed on MathSciNet. My preprints are on the ArXiv.